Eight Years with Fuji Bicycles

Pat Cunnane is the President of Advanced Sports, the parent of Fuji Bicycles. In this podcast, Pat shares the fascinating history of Fuji. Since he took the reins at Advanced Sports, sales of Fuji have increased dramatically. Like many bicycle companies, Fuji sponsors bike teams, including the UCI ProTour Fuji-Servetto team, which raced in the […]

Is Cyclocross For You?

Cyclocross! Here’s a sport that appeals to a lot of women. It’s perfect for a great workout in a short period of time. It involves both running and riding. Want to know more about it? Kerry Litka, our Team Terry rider and Graeme Street, owner of Cyclo-CLUB, talk about this great way to get in […]

Do I Need a Coach?

Are you sick of training hard, only to feel flat during an important race or ride? Are you tired of being tired from training? Do you start out your cycling season with great aspirations in March, only to become burnt out by August? If you can identify with any one of these statements then you […]

Improve your Pedaling Technique

Ian Jackson of Breathplay is back again, this time with the Coup de Torchon, a pedaling technique you can use to become a better rider. Enjoy the podcast, and find out more at http://bit.ly/S2xIa or at breathplay.com Listen Here

Breathe Right, Ride Fast!

Ian Jackson of Breathplay discussing his paradigm where breathing is turned upside down to become air-pushing instead of air-sucking, to become the driving force behind powerful, efficient pedaling. Listen Here

Yoga and Cycling

How yoga can help you balance your mind, strength and breathing to become a more proficient cyclist. Andria Davis is an expert at riding and yoga-ing! Listen Here