The Wheel Debate Continues

A recent posting on FaceBook reminded me yet again of what a poor job our industry does of educating the consumer. My small effort to right this wrong is this eLetter, which I hope will clear up the continuing miasma surrounding yet again…wheel sizes! Here’s the gist of the post: “I have a 650 Brand […]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This eLetter is about challenging our perception of the definition of a “good” bike. I thought a visual presentation of how we regard bicycles would be cool way to put things in perspective. So I’ve come up with a grid to illustrate my point. Even if you shun math, I think you’ll find this very […]

Make Me Ride Faster

One of my favorite cycling publications is Bicycle Quarterly. Now in its eighth year, it began life as Vintage Bicycle Quarterly, but has evolved to cover modern bicycles as well as vintage bikes. It was created by Jan Heine, a German emigrant, avid randonneur and former road racer. He brings his education in mathematics and […]

It’s Not About the Wheels

Recently I read a forum posting in which the writer stated she preferred 700c wheels to 650c wheels because she sat higher on the bike and felt more on a par with riders around her. She may have felt this way, but it had nothing to do with wheel size. Something else was going on. […]

Saga of the Stuck Seatpost

If you followed my recent tweets, you know I was obsessed for a while trying to remove a stuck seatpost from one of my favorite rides, “Moo”, a 22 year old hybrid. Last summer, I designated this winter as the time when Moo would shed her tired 7-speed components for something a little more up-to-date. […]

The Tale of the Beater Bike

Recently, I received an email from a customer inquiring about “step through” frames. Often the need arises from a physical disability, a lack of flexibility or the need to achieve that certain comfort and confidence level that only a step through provides. As we exchanged emails, I learned a lot about bike design, thanks to […]

Will my tires explode?

The fodder for this eLetter came from this blog post: “I won a new bike at my company picnic and I’d love to ride it, but I’m extremely afraid of popping all the tires at my weight!!!” Here’s the quick answer — the tires will be fine. Food for thought: a 4000 pound car is […]