When Spring arrives and the heady scent of thawing earth and emerging blooms is in the air, the lure of a bicycle ride is overwhelming. Best to make sure you and your bike are ready for the enjoyable hours of riding to come. Human bodies and bicycle bodies aren’t really all that different when […]



BEGINNING OF SEASON BIKE MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST Georgena’s been very busy with her new hand-built bike enterprise georgenaterry.com. In addition to offering a fabulous line of custom bicycles, she also continues her efforts to make cycling a more enjoyable experience through her blog. Those who know her, know that her bicycles are always in perfect running […]

Chip Seal: A Sign of Summer

No matter what you call it, “chip seal”, “oil and stone”, “tar and feather” or “aargh, not my favorite road”, it affects all cyclists. When faced with a freshly chip sealed road, I try to be as pragmatic as possible. The more I know about chip seal, the more I’ll appreciate it.  Maybe.  I’m sharing […]

Amy Petty’s Inspiring Story

Those of you who follow Terry know we recently instituted “Ride It Forward”, an opportunity to reward a woman who encourages other women to ride through her own inspiring story.  Our very first, and very deserving winner of a Terry Symmetry bicycle is Amy Petty.  She was nominated by her friend, Laura Holt.  I’ve had […]

Off to Headquarters!

Most people think I reside in Burlington since that’s where our corporate headquarters have been for the last  year.  No, I still live in western New York and work remotely from my home office.  There are three of us in that situation.  We make the trip to Burlington several times a year to see familiar […]

Born in the Bathtub

Where have I been? I didn’t realize it was trendy to be born in a bathtub. I just figured it was the safest place in the house for a prototype Terry frame and fork built for me by Waterford. The cats can’t knock them over if they’re in the bathtub. And the bathroom doubles as […]

Lunch with Cy

Monday, the day after the Wild Goose Chase, was a perfect kind of wind down day. Sunny and calm. The perfect day to ride with my friend Cy on some of the sweeter roads in the area and talk about what a great weekend it was and how much more we can do next year. […]


I can’t believe how much “stuff” I take on vacation. Just the electronics alone: 2 iPods™ (need a back up — no fun driving 9 hours each way with no tunes), an iPad™, an iPhone™, a MacBook Pro™, a digital camera, a Flip® video camera and all the necessary battery rechargers and AC/DC converters…oh, and […]

Freeing a Stuck Seatpost

Last week, I began an overhaul of my hybrid bike, Moo. Moo is a very special bike. It began life as Mt. Marcy, our original mountain bike, named after the highest peak in the Adirondacks. When we decided to introduce a hybrid with a cow theme, Brian Moredock re-painted the bike and it became Moo. […]