The Zen of Bike Building

Apologies to the real thing, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. A neat book when it came to the sections on maintenance, but totally lost on me otherwise. I never could figure out why that guy would let life come between him and his motorcycle. I’ve been in a zen state myself the last […]

My Vacation

Late every summer, I meet up with some friends from California and we go on a tour in Vermont with Bike Vermont. This year we chose a new tour that started south of Burlington and made its way into the Champlain Islands. I’ve never been on a Bike Vermont tour that wasn’t super duper, but […]

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis. One of the fun things I’ve been doing as we get our Terry bicycle line cranking (no pun intended) again. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a presence in any more than a handful of bike shops and we’re on the way to changing this in 2010. So my competitor analysis […]

The Conservationist in Cyclists

Inside every cyclist, whether she knows it or not, there lurks a conservationist. Indeed, how could this not be the case? Show me the rider who hasn’t developed a keen weather eye. In much the same way, as the miles glide by, so do a panorama of fields, forests and wetlands. Surely you’re aware of […]

The Changing of the Guard

If you haven’t read about it yet, here’s the news: as of April 30, Terry Precision Cycling has a new CEO! I’ve turned over the handlebars to Liz Robert. I’m not going anywhere — I’m President of the company and a shareholder, but I decided it was time for me to get back to basics, […]

Love Those Gloves!

Some people have a drawer full of socks. I have a drawer full of women’s cycling gloves. (OK — I have a drawer full of socks, too.) I just happened to be pawing through that drawer this weekend. One of those weekends when the sun said warm but the 25 mph north wind said spring’s […]

Ride for the Economy

Some welcome warm weather has come to The Salt Lick Known as Rochester. Ah, nothing like riding my bike and smelling Mother Earth instead of ice water. Cardinals and robins are singing and V’s of Canada geese fill the sky. No matter what’s happening in the economy, their world is still sane. And that makes […]

A Chat with Richard Schwinn

Richard Schwinn has had a long and varied history in the bicycle business, starting out as a mechanic in high school and working all around Schwinn Bicycle Company’s Chicago factory, including a stint building Schwinn’s elite Paramounts in the early 70’s. After a period outside the bicycle industry, Richard returned to Schwinn in the late […]

Climate Prediction

Did you think this was going to be about climate change? No, it’s about a website every cyclist should bookmark. I’m referring to NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. These guys deal in the future. In late January, in upstate New York, I’m desperate for a glance at the future. A warmer future. A future that […]

A January Morning at Terry

Early January, 2009. It’s snowing. It’s freezing. Not a cycling creature is stirring. Unless they work at Terry, that is. Today finds us busy welcoming just one of many vendors who will be visiting us this month, showing off their cycling apparel lines for Fall 2009. What could be more fun than sitting around with […]