Every once in a while, we offer the chance to win a Terry Bicycle. The most fun is letting someone know they’ve won. We just had to share this lucky winner’s response…

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Dear Lisa and the Gals,
Instead of giving you my height and inseam, I want to share with you my Terry Story. I’m not a random internet email winner.

You have no idea the synchronicity that just occurred. I haven’t been able to ride much since my severe trimalleolar ankle fracture 7 years ago.  How it happened? Not on a bike, just walking down a slippery slope.

But just this morning after physical therapy was going so well (6 months after my second ankle surgery), I hoped and dreamed of riding again. Riding my favorite bike anytime. My beloved Terry.

I went to the garage to get ready.  In my saddle bag, there was my lost spare key fob, gone 6 months. I couldn’t believe my luck. After a 6 month recovery, what a lucky find.  I thought, “the gods are smiling and telling me its time to ride again. It’s OK. It’s time. I won’t hurt my ankle, and make things worse”. But my ankle was getting sore, so I decided to sit, ice, and check my emails.

And that’s when I read your email and wanted to jump up and down, but mostly shuffled, cried and said, “OMG,OMG,OMG. I wish they knew my whole Terry Story: the why and the how it became my favorite bike. How it gave me the comfort and security to go from riding 1 city block to hundreds of country miles.”

Sincerely in Terry Bicycle Love,

P.S. If you insist on giving me the bike, I want to coordinate it with the Boise Bike Project to find the best size for a suitable woman in need of a bike.  Let’s keep in touch.

Interested in entering our current contest? Click here, and if you have a winning bike story of your own please let us know in the comment section below!

Happy Riding,

The Terry Team

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