Ride2Recovery is Our October RIF Winner

Verna Bell submitted the story of her daughter, Sara, who volunteers for Ride2Recovery. We couldn’t think of a more deserving cause and we’re thrilled to present a Symmetry bicycle to Verna and a Susan B. bicycle to Ride2Recovery. Here’s Verna’s entry:

Ride2Recovery is a not-for-profit organization that promotes rehab for those heroes who have been injured while serving our country. This group helps all wounded veterans and features cycling as the core recovery activity. My inspiration for supporting this cause is in part to my daughter, Sara’s, participation and involvement in R2R. She rides along and assists riders that need help. R2R provides bikes, lodging, meals and transportation to those veterans who want to participate. Much effort and creativity goes into the preparation of the bikes for those who are missing arms and legs or both, so they can participate.


  1. Kathryn Owens says

    Congratulations to Verna and her daughter Sara. What a wonderful cause! Our wounded men and women need programs such as Ride2Recovery to support them in becoming healthy and self sufficient. Kudos to Terry Precision Bikes for your most generous donation.

  2. Silvana says

    Amazing! Need to keep spreading the word!!!
    I am a TBI survivor and understand the the recovery route is long and at times very confusing. I ride.I rode a lot before, and I am riding again. I ride because it makes me happy. I ride because it makes me strong in body , soul and mind. I ride because it’s healthy. I ride because it’s good for the planet. I ride because I can.
    I would like more info on this organization and any local chapters. Due to my injury it’s tough to read much on line. So if you can short cut it for me that would be awesome :)

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