Introducing the Alpen Bike Capsule.

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Do you need a proper home for your bike? This company is banking on it with a totally new concept for safe and elegant bicycle storage. Patent-pending, it’s not ready yet, but you can get on a waiting list now. Like a giant clamshell, it protects the perfect pearl that lies within and makes a most definite statement whether bolted down to your fabulous penthouse deck or attached to the Airstream…

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photos courtesy of Alpen




  1. Susan Bilger says

    I am in love with this but wonder about the humidity here in Texas getting inside and eventually causing damage to the bike. How much does it weigh and how many bikes can it fit? Knowing the price would help also.

    • Paula Dyba says

      Great questions, Susan. I will get in touch with the manufacturer and find out the scoop and get back to you.

    • says

      Hi Susan,
      I appreciate your interest in ALPEN and your inquiry about humidity. The Bike Capsule is waterproof, but is designed to breath, so not entirely water tight. We consider storing a bike in a Bike Capsule to be similar to storing it in a shed or non-conditioned garage in terms of humidity. However, we are considering offering an integrated dehumidifier that runs on solar power. In my experience, most rust comes from a bike being put away wet, rather than from ambient moisture in the air, but then again I do not live in Texas, so I suppose prolonged exposure even in a garage could result in superficial rust. I would not expect any rust on a bike that is used regularly, well maintained and put away dry. Please feel free to email me directly if you want to discuss further.
      Eric Pearson
      Founder & CEO
      ALPEN | Bike Capsule

    • says

      We’re taking reservations now for 40% of early bird pricing and plan to begin delivering product early next year. Retail price expected to run $799 for base model upto $1,999+ for fully tricked out unit with BlueTooth enabled motorized doors, solar charging, etc. etc. Feel free to reach out to me directly on the website with any more questions. Happy riding.

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