All About the Blab: Jacquie Phelan

Jacquie Phelan. Who hasn’t heard of her? Her palmarès includes everything from NORBA championships, Bicycling (mountain and road) Hall of Fame inductee and founder of the Women’s Mountain Bike & Tea Society (WOMBATS). On the eve of her 55th birthday, she tells it like it is, in true Phelan style, about cycling and life.

Listen Here


  1. Sara says

    It’s funny, I admit I always considered Jacquie “out there”, dare I say almost fringe. That is, until I became an athlete at the ripe young age of 55. Now, I find myself quite in step with her and her sensibilities with each passing day. To use a fairly well worn out phrase – “you go, girl – umm – woman!”. Great interview, Georgena. Thank you!

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