Biking the Carriage Roads of Mount Desert Island


Mount Desert Island in Maine is the perfect place to vacation for bicyclists. There are 45 miles of quiet, car-free carriage roads with grand views, fun switchbacks and impressive stone bridges. If you prefer blacktop and don’t mind sharing the road with cars, then the Park Loop Road is another great choice.




On a recent vacation my husband and I, along with our dog Maggie, headed out to explore the carriage roads. A lot of people walk the roads but being able to cover so much ground and take in all the views from a bike is undoubtedly the better choice. Since the roads were built for horse-drawn carriages they are not too steep or sharply curved. I wore our new Soleil Hoody and Holster Hi Rise Capri which was perfect for the cooler fall weather.




Acadia National Park is very dog friendly but since we were camping we needed a way to bring Maggie with us on our rides. The pet bike trailer we found worked perfect and she was a hit with everyone we passed on the roads. If you are looking for your next bike (and hike/paddle) friendly vacation I highly recommend Mount Desert Island.


Alysia is our Graphic Designer, responsible for the design of the beautiful Terry catalogs and emails you receive. While not a VT native (she hails from New York and got her BFA in Graphic Design from RIT), she’s fallen for the Green Mountain State and all it has to offer. She’s also a great advocate for cycling, for healthy outdoor living and for animals – at work and play. 





  1. Barb says

    We have ridden them and they are beautiful! We did it at the end of July and the wild blueberries were in season. We picked and picked – and made a delicious deep dish Maine Blueberry Pie! Awesome memories!

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