I can’t believe how much “stuff” I take on vacation. Just the electronics alone: 2 iPods™ (need a back up — no fun driving 9 hours each way with no tunes), an iPad™, an iPhone™, a MacBook Pro™, a digital camera, a Flip® video camera and all the necessary battery rechargers and AC/DC converters…oh, and a mouse because the trackpad makes me nuts after a while. Binoculars and field guides. 60 packets of Gu®, containers of Heed™ and Perpetuem™ and Recoverite™. Supplements, since it’s tough to eat right on the road and I need all the nutrition I can get for 10 days of riding. Oh yeah — clothes. Street clothes, bike clothes. And tools — in case I need to repair something. A spare wheelset. Helmet.

And let’s not forget: the raison d’etre: THE BIKE!

You know what? If I forgot everything except the bike, I’d still be happy!



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