La Course: Second Annual Pro Women’s Race on the Champs-Élysées.

Best of – La Course by Le Tour de France 2015 by tourdefrance

I hate to say it but, as the TDF Peloton came into Paris this year it was a bit anti-climactic; the GC champion had been named and Sagan had the green jersey in the bag.

That being said, La Course existed in complete contrast – it was SO GOOD.

The contenders lined up with barely anyone one the sidelines for support and heavy rains threatened in the not-so-far-off distance. These racers could have held back, played it safe for 12 laps and had a quick and dirty sprint finish but instead they gave it everything they had.

The only thing that the video does not serve proper justice, in my opinion, is the initial breakaway by Anna van der Breggen. From the moment she tore off I was at the edge of my seat. Some may say she broke off a bit early and there was a moment at the final sprint where it didn’t look like she could hold off. It was amazing, there was this intensity that was nothing like we saw in the previous week’s stages. She pulled it forward with Marianne Vos roaring for her teammate to fly first through the finish and as she did – she secured the 1st place title would stay with Team Rabo/Liv for the second year of La Course History.

Here’s to preparing for the next La Course, I hope to see you all there –

Whitney McKiddy


A big thank you to Le Tour de France for the video and images copyright: Cor Vos.


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    It makes me so happy to finally be able to see these women fighting and racing. As a female cyclist, I feel so isolated all the time like the cycling world doesn’t want me in it. This is wonderful! I finally have heroes that are like me!

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