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For 100 years, Maison Tamboite has been devoted to making exclusive French bicycles, ridden and coveted by the likes of Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf. Though the brand took a pause in the 80’s during the bicycle tsunami from Asia, it is back thanks to the descendants of the original founder of the brand.

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Building bicycles the way sculptures are made, symbols of freedom.


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Extremely private, the Maison takes a discrete, couterier approach to custom bike building. Each bicycle is tailor-made for each client, but with great respect for the aesthetic heritage of the brand. Like a custom tailor, the process begins with no fewer than 15 body measurements, and takes place in their workshop (they will arrange for a personal meeting anywhere in the world, but the chance to visit their workroom in Paris is certainly the best route).

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The bikes are filed and finished by hand in either chrome or enamel. Artistic details are applied to saddles, cable housings and frame in unexpected ways.



There are several classically styled models available, including the elegant, step-through Parisian Porteur. Bikes can be designed to include electric assist.

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For more information, click here.


photos courtesy of Maison Tamboite




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