Why this just might be your new favorite saddle.

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1. All-New Terry Saddle Shape.

We started with a slightly narrower overall shape and lower profile than our Butterfly and Liberator Saddles. It’s not too narrow so it will support any kind of riding, but this shape nails it for mountain biking where fore-aft mobility is key. It’s flat across the top so you don’t feel like your sit bones are spreading apart, and it also has a slight rear elevation to give you a platform to be able to push against as you climb.

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2. Svelte, yet Comfy.

Even though it’s a narrower saddle, we were able to engineer our widest cutaway through the center, providing flexibility and eliminating pressure points against soft tissues. I took a brand new Topo on a 5-day mountain bike trip (with no back up saddle!) and fell in love within 15 minutes of riding. It’s the kind of saddle you stop thinking about before you take your first drink out of your water bottle.


3. Vegan Friendly.

The Topo’s cover is made of a durable, synthetic Fibra-tek that’s easy to maintain and guaranteed to last. What’s more, it’s debossed with a topographic map of Vermont’s renowned Kingdom Trails (looks absolutely amazing on my Juliana).

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4. Born in VT but handmade in Italy.

We work with the best manufacturing partners in Italy to source the highest quality materials. Saddle making is an art form and a matter of national pride. For over 120 years, our manufacturer has been a leader in design innovation, new technologies and biomechanic research. We’ve partnered with them for over 20 years to solve the specific issues that are unique to female cyclists. The new Topo benefits greatly from this partnership.


5. Ride it and Love it Guarantee.

Not sure the Topo will work for you? Take advantage of our Ride it, Love it or Return it Guarantee. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days and we will happily refund your money.


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Topo Specs:

Length x Width: 262mm x 150mm

Weight: 290g / 10.2oz

Rails: FeC Alloy

Cover: topo map debossed on gray Fibra-tek

Price: $99


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