SHAKEDRY Surface: Water beads on the surface so a few quick shakes renders it dry.

Road Test: GORE-TEX® ShakeDry

Well, now that it’s hot and rainy (versus the cold and rainy of this New England spring), I’ve put the new Gore Bike Wear ShakeDry Jacket to the test, both on the bike and walking the dog in torrential rain. First, I admit I am a GORE-TEX® fan; I’m known for emphatic pronouncements in the office about how “this Gore shit really works!” Well this ShakeDry goes to a whole new level, particularly when it comes to breathability. The minimalist interior face, just the thin naked, shiny membrane, invokes visions of condensation or trapped slime like perspiration, but in fact, this is the most breathable jacket of any variety I’ve ever worn – you can actually feel the evaporation and its cooling effect as you pedal up a sweat. And how awesome that you can shake it dry before climbing into the car with leather seats!
It seems fragile because it is so light weight, but I’ve now rolled it into jersey pockets multiple times, even crumpled it tight with dog treats into the side pocket of my Metro Shorts and it does not crease the way faced GORE-TEX fabrics do. Even the fit of the ShakeDry is improved; just the right sleeve length and taper, with awesome half elastic cuffs to keep the forearm flap to a minimum downhill. Great length variation front to rear for the bike and a whole new shapely silhouette from the euro fit fanatics that actually fits a woman, true to size.

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