Established in 1983, Bicycle Garage Indy is a leader in the Indianapolis and Central Indiana community. The knowledgeable of their professional staff is their most important asset and key to providing the best possible customer service for life-long, loyal customers. They strive to support and increase bicycling in their community through advocacy efforts, event support and by providing bicycles to those in need through their Shifting Gears program. During 2016 they plan to have monthly activities (March – November) focused on increasing the number of women who ride: large events like Ladies’ Nights as well as smaller events like clinics and rides.

Why do you think women choose to shop at your store?

We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all of our customers. In addition, we hold special events such as Ladies’ Nights which provide an evening of socializing, information and shopping 2-3 times a year. One of our most popular Ladies’ Nights was a fashion show which featured clothing from Terry as well as other vendors. Over the past 9 years, more than 750 unique women have attended our Ladies’ Nights. We regularly hold fixing flat tire clinics as well as other topics (Mastering your bike, Shifting Gears on Your Bike, Riding Outside Your Neighborhood for example) and clinic attendees are 60% women.

Why do you sell Terry?

The quality and design of Terry products is a great complement to the other clothing lines we carry. We are able to provide a great variety of clothing options by carrying Terry. We also carry Terry saddles which provide additional options for saddle comfort.

When a new-to-cycling female customer comes in, what’s the first thing you tell her about cycling?

“Bicycling is a fun activity, no matter what type of bicycling you are interested in. There are many opportunities to ride with others and learn about bicycling in our community. We have clinics, women-focused rides and events throughout the year; we encourage you to check them out and meet other women interested in bicycling.”  

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