Brick Wheels is the largest bike store in Northern Michigan which allows them to carry an extensive selection of bikes, accessories and cycling apparel. Owner, Tim Brick, opened this store 42 years ago and has always been a pioneer in carrying many products 2-3 years before they become some of the hottest trends. He has a talent for forward thinking in this industry and is not afraid to take the risk of introducing new product, which is why Brick Wheels is so unique and is always a delightful shopping experience.

Why do you think women choose to shop at your store?

We offer a huge selection and variety of everything bike. The longevity of our staff and willingness to go above and beyond for customer service makes us recognized in the community as well as in our shop. We are very proud to show you what we have and what we know.
We have 5 women on staff with a combined 65 years’ experience here at Brick Wheels that have been active in cycling and have various interests so we are able to relate to our women customers in order to make them comfortable shopping here and find the right products for them.

When you enter our store you are welcomed with a pleasing display of all of our women’s cycling clothing along with other active wear. We choose active wear that can be mixed with our cycling lifestyle wear in order to blend with our new demand for bike to work population and also for our more casual riders.

Why do you sell Terry?

We sell Terry because the products are high quality. Also, our customers are huge fans and love to come in and see their favorite Terry gear on the shelf.

When a new-to-cycling female customer comes in, what’s the first thing you tell her about cycling?

Start out nice and easy, enjoy yourself, and progress gradually.

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