“Girls gotta start somewhere.”

This film is important – for girls, women, men, boys, BMX, cycling, the world – this is important.

Breaking through the BMX barrier, this 11 minute film (part of the Bicycle Film Festival) is an absolute inspiration. As I watched these women flip through the air and go full speed toward ramps, jumps, and staircases that I would give my left arm to avoid on two wheels, I had chills.

The women in this video came from all over the world to do what they loved in front of a crowd who was waiting for them to fail. Even the people who supported them in putting the session together said they were too weak for BMX and yes- they fell – but when it ended and they were piled together in sweat and tears and joy, there is no way that anyone could see this as anything but an extraordinary success.

If you want an extra boost of faith in humanity, watch the video here, and read all of the stories that this film inspired in the comments section.

Ride on sisters, and thank you for your awe-inspiring contribution to women’s cycling.


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