From higher rise Holsters to flowy Soleil tops, there are lots of great new things ahead for 2018 from Terry. Be like Hazel and get a sneak peek here…

Soleil Flow Hazel Soleil Flow Peacock 2 Soleil SS spokes Soleil LS Spokes 2 Breakaway SS Fixie Metro Short_Soleil Hoody Metro Skort Metro Crop_GBW Shakedry

Soleil Jade Velo Bra_Cadence Bella Halter_Fixie Short Shebeest Peonies Shebeest Bronzebella Shebeest Bellissima


  1. says

    Knowing the company has our best interest at heart, on the back of the clothing there should be a splash of orange, red or florescent yellow; especially on the gray rain jacket. I mention the gray rain jacket because with weather conditions being dark and dismal the last thing as a rider we want to be is blended with the color of the pavement.

    Just above the seat to the waist a local rider has implemented a splash of red. It was eye catching and effective for his summer’s riding on a hilly dangerous road. Terry provides excellent and eye appealing clothes for us to be seen in. Incorporating a few safety measures so we are seen could be trendy. We personally wouldn’t notice but maybe a car or truck would thus keeping us all safe.

    Thanks Terry, I love your clothing.

    • Paula Dyba says

      We do have a pretty broad color range in 2018 — I didn’t include them all so there should be plenty of color alternatives to pink.

  2. Katherine says

    Would like the metro pant in PLUS SIZE, the tops as well. Love to wear cycling clothes that look like street wear in high tech fabrics. A lot of us cyclists are larger than munchkin size but Terry has downsized plus size offerings.

    • Paula Dyba says

      Yes, you’re right. The Metro program was slated for Plus this year and didn’t happen. I will forward your note to our CEO and reinforce the battle cry!!

  3. LYNDA GLASS says

    More Plus sized offerings please!!! Terry has been my go to shop for my plus sized cycling gear and I am always complimented on my tops at events or random stops on the trail. Terry offers great quality, fashion forward items (yes I agree a bit too much pink). But I would love to see more of the fashionably functional styles offered in plus size. Adding depth to what is already offered but also in other segments of clothes. Base layers, outerwear are woefully under represented. My outdoor season starts later and ends at least a month early in Chicago because I cannot find comfortable base layers, outerwear and cool weather tops in my size for cool Fall/Spring mornings.

    Help us Obi Wan Terry! You are our only hope!!

  4. Kathleen says

    Another vote for much less pink! Geez, how many colors are available? Hundreds? Also would love an increase in plus suze clothing. Why has the selection decreased? As an REI employee, I always recommend Terry-you are awesome!

  5. Jessica Stinson says

    Please! We need solid and safe colors. The patterns are cool and all, but on the road – anything with a pattern becomes camouflage, even if that pattern is made of bright colors. I have not bought a single thing from Terry for 3 years now, because it seems like you think we don’t actually ride our bikes on the ROAD! I love you Terry. Please help us out here. We’re women, and we ride our bikes in dangerous places. Treat us like adults, not like little girls still riding trikes on the sidewalk trying to look pretty.

  6. Margaret Hernandez says

    I’m going to repeat the same plea as others…more plus size and less pink! The fall/winter line being entirely devoid of plus size lost you my money. My husband’s out there riding but I’m on a trainer because I have NO warm weather gear. Boo.

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