Lenore Racing

Whether she is recharging her batteries on a bike, or juggling her busy schedule, this month’s newest Terry teammate never stops rolling.

Lenore balances a career as a school teacher and an attorney; family life, including her cycle-loving mom and rescue-dog Jake; volunteering and training for her next adventure.

She began cycling in 6th grade when Santa brought her a shiny new Silver Ross 10 speed with red lettering. She hoped it would give her skinnier legs; instead it gave her a love of cycling. It was her outlet when her dad was struggling with Parkinson’s; and again when career changes inspired dream changes; in addition, it provides fuel for all things everyday life throws her way.

While her resume includes her high school’s “Teacher of the Year Award” and numerous other professional accolades, it’s her lifelong love of sports that got my attention. She began swimming at age 4, which lead to her role as captain of the Georgetown University NCAA Division 1 swim team and many strong triathlon finishes…including a big win right here in Vermont.

Her first bike race was in ’96 and she went on to race for many teams including Colavita Bolla and Colavita Cooking Light as a Cat 2 Domestique. She loves the team energy, maneuvers, speed, and strategy.

She has a tough time choosing her best day ever on the bike and in many ways hopes that day is yet to come. Some of her favorites include the 30+ women’s 3-day, 4-race Coupe des Amerique win in Quebec in 2002; the Tuesday Night Race Series at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in NJ; and the “underdog” Colavita Cooking Light women’s win at the 4-day “Tour of Fitchburg.”

When her big racing days ended with repeated herniated disks in her neck, she moved to Minnesota for a summer. Here, Lenore renewed her love of cycling on trails, in the mountains, and on single track; riding like she did as a kid in NJ, for fun, wearing skorts and meeting lots of wonderful people.

While her pre-ride food is often a French or Italian roast coffee, she has many healthy eating habits like fruity protein yogurt smoothies, salmon, and leafy salads with red peppers. Lenore has brought her lunch to school every day for 21 years–she calls this her Terry clothing budget builder!

When Lenore checks in at Terry, we love to hear about all of her new endeavors and all she is doing to make her community a better place. Her goal for 2016 is good advice for all of us, more stretching!

It’s great to have you on our team, Lenore!

-Lisa Wilkes

About the Terry Team: This is a monthly shout out to dedicated Terry fans who are part of our illustrious sisterhood of athletes and adventurers. We ride through wind and rain. We sweat. We dream. We discover. We push ourselves to and past our limits. We take each day and ride it to its fullest. Sound like you? Send your story to customerservice@terrybicycles.com.


  1. Jennifer Walter-Mibley says

    Lenore, I met you the summer you spent in Mn! Wish I could have shared a few more miles with you. Love reading about your full life and love of cycling. Good for you- I find myself inspired reading about the strong women in the sport.

    • Lenore M Imhof says

      Thank you, Jennifer!!! You are an awesome cycling leader encouraging many to ride and explore the world of cycling. Love reading your posts and look forward to riding with your group!

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