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Shebeest has always been known for bold prints, often animal inspired. Colors are fresh and fashion-forward. Other elements of style like binding around hems, tapered collars, and contrasting splices give each Shebeest piece unique personality and a feminine touch. We’ve been fans for years from afar, but not until THIS YEAR have we taken the big step of welcoming our competition into our fold.

Like us, we hope you will welcome Shebeest into your cycling world…




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Bellissima Jersey with crossover collar and 3 open rear pockets


Pedal Pusher - a perennial Shebeest best seller

Pedal Pusher – a perennial Shebeest best seller





  1. Susan Kahn says

    So happy about Shebeest! I’m a very petite cyclist and I have found the only tops that fit me well are theirs.

    • Paula Dyba says

      Sizing runs smaller on tops than Terry. The Bellissima Jersey is not as fitted as the Divine or the Tri Top. We did originally plan to offer all styles in plus, however, Shebeest was not able to deliver to us — they do have lots of plus garments available on their own website (shebeest.com). Look for Shebeest plus from Terry in the future, though — we won’t be so late in getting our orders together.

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