As a matter of fact, she’s just launched a wonderful new website for her custom bike building business: georgenaterry.com.

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Georgena started Terry Bicycles some 30+ years ago, building bikes by hand and building a company dedicated to female cyclists, along the way. At first, her basement was her workshop until the demand for her women-specific bikes took off and she hired a crew and moved into a building in East Rochester, NY. Eventually, bike demand required a bigger team and off shore resources from Italy, Japan and Asia. Terry was never the biggest bike company for woman, but it was definitely the FIRST. Those like me who’ve worked with her have a strong appreciation for her commitment to frame geometry and her unwillingness to compromise on things like slack head and steep seat angles in order to “fit” a woman. Like many of you out there, I wouldn’t even be able to consider 100 miles on a bike without a Terry underneath me.

Although in recent years she’s gone off on her own (and even pursued a law degree), Georgena never lost the desire and energy to make the ultimate bicycles for women. When asked about what fuels her now, she says,

Today, I’m building bikes one on one, with and for you. I hope I’m part of a movement that encourages women to think for themselves. To be stubborn. To break the rules. And not be afraid to be a pain in the butt sometimes. Susan B. Anthony did. And it turned out pretty well for her.


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Even if you’re not in the market for a custom bike, check out the new website — it’s enlightening and engaging, filled with good information and a good place to dream…


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  1. Miriam Deraney says

    I have a Terry classic and took it out of the basement when I noticed the rear break is not working. Is there a tutorial online about fixing breaks?

    • Paula Dyba says

      Hi Miriam: I’ve passed your question along to the expert — I’m sure you’ll be hearing from her :)

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