1. Paula Gaudet says

    I would love to win the bike…to help improve my health and to get out into the world more.
    Thanks for these contests.

  2. Yvonne Grudzina-Glaser says

    I’ve been buying Terry apparel since the early 90’s. I love the fit and quality.

    I was the first to wear the cycling skirt around here.
    (would you believe people made fun of the skirts at first! I did not care).

    I have many Terry Jerseys too. They fit like a glove and it feels as though I have nothing on.

    My friend is always very happy when I surprise her with a Terry jersey.

    One day I should take a photo of all my Terry cycling clothing I have bought from the 90’s until now.
    They held up nicely after all these years.
    I think they will last as long as I do and beyond.

      • Yvonne Grudzina-Glaser says

        My friend tells me the same. I just need to pull all of them out of the closet and take the photo. I will at some point. thanks

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