I have written recently about the “off season” and how I look forward to moving my body differently during the winter months  – repairing both my body and mind from the grueling pace of training when I am in season. But even a “Derailleur” can learn a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work. And that […]

What shape are you in (your mind, that is)?

Testing your mental conditioning through awareness.   In my introduction last week as The Derailleur at Terry Bicycles, I mentioned that I coach, among other types of clients, athletes of all shapes and sizes on their mental conditioning. Your body can be as fit as an elite athlete’s but if your mental conditioning is lacking, […]

A coach for your head?

I am…a Derailleur. I am…a Certified Performance Coach. I am…an agent of change. I am…certain. I am…loud. I am…a firm believer in getting outside and playing.   I help prevent broken resolutions one day at a time by offering: – Performance Coaching – Career Coaching and Development – Resume Construction – Mental Conditioning for Athletes […]