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Terry Cold Weather Tights
Laurel-Lea Shannon X 2015

If you live close to the 49th parallel on either side of the border, chances are you experienced a colder than normal winter. Unfortunately, spring is following that same chilly trend. Here in Lanark County we still have snow. So while I wouldn’t normally review cold weather tights at this time of year, I’m making an exception this spring because, like me, many of you may be cycling in tights for several more weeks.

Water-repellant and wind-resistant
On the days that I tested Terry’s Cold Weather Tights the temperature hovered between -1°C (30°F) and 3°C (37°F). Rated for sub 40°F (sub 5°C), the tights were just right at these temperatures—toasty warm. The specifications don’t say what the lower-end temperature rating is. My guess is they would be comfortable down to -5°C (23°F), but wouldn’t it be better not to have to guess? A recommended temperature range would be helpful.

An eight-panel design ensures comfort and easy movement while on the bike. The inner brushed fleece is super-cozy, and covered by a water-repellant and wind-resistant hard fabric. And unlike many cycling tights, this wind-resistant fabric is not just on the front panels but covers the entire tight, adding to its warmth. That’s an important feature, especially if you ride long distances in cooler temperatures, as it helps keep your backside warm.


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