How to Use a Presta Valve

Lots of people can’t figure out how to get air into a presta valve. Here’s the secret:


  1. Janie Hansen says

    Finally, I get this. I knew I was supposed to open the cap but I did not know which way was open because i had fussed with it so much.

    I love your videos.
    Janie in Portland, OR.

  2. Patti says

    Being a newbie to cycling, I’ve relied on my hubby to air up my tires before a ride. Imagine how helpless I felt when I wanted to ride alone one day and couldn’t figure how to pump up the tires! I’ve since learned a lot of valuable things through these videos and am a fairly independent rider. Feels great! Thanks so much for making this available.

  3. Patsy Cannedy says

    Thanks for the video. I constantly have trouble airing up my bike tires, but after seeing the video I know I’m doing it right. I think my problem is I have a thirty year old pump. Yep, seeing your pump tells me it’s time to invest in a new improved one. And I WILL try it at the shop before I buy. Thanks again!!!

  4. Gail Smith says

    Thanks you make it look so easy…I get up 30 minutes early, just to be sure I have enough air in my tires!!!

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