The Very First 650c Terry Bicycle

An oldie but a goodie. A fine lugged steel frame that’s still going strong, as steel is wont to do.


  1. Richard Tom says

    Ah, Rob Stowe. He built 700c/24″ steel bike for a friend who is 5″. Kirkland, nice blast from the past.

  2. Kim Corcoran says

    Nice video — lots of different things to think about: Beautiful bike! Great bike bags! Saddles, and how we get attached to various ones … last week, I traded a scuffed up Liberator for a Blue Butterfly. For me, the old Butterfly is Best of Class — I have it on 3 of my 4 bikes, (Rosie is on my Moo b/c it matches so nicely and I don’t take Moo for longer rides). I’m a bit sorry you don’t make that version of the Butterfly any more (now I have a spare!!). I never noticed the Butterfly in blue before, so I think this is a bit earlier than the ones I already had, but same style. The gal I traded with, just couldn’t ride it — we’re all different, with different definitions of “comfort” — and she may not be able to enjoy the Liberator, either.

    I don’t mind the slightly sueded surface of the old Butterfly — if you ride enough, it smooths right out — and looks GREAT!!

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