What’s in My Saddlebag?

I carry all kinds of things. The last thing I want is to be stuck without the right tool. Here are my secrets:


  1. o'kathy says

    Love this! Two things I carry that take up little room and are easily packed:
    – zip ties (can be used to hold a broken derailleur out of the way so you can still ride home on one gear)
    – doctor gloves (keeps the hands clean when you are working on your bike and you can turn them inside out to be disposed of later)

  2. Judy says

    Opinions differ. I was told years ago by “someone” to use talcum powder rather than baby powder as baby powder had petroleum in it that damaged tubes. On the other hand, Jobst Brandt says (on Sheldon Brown’s great website), http://www.sheldonbrown.com/brandt/talcum.html, “Talcum is one of the more durable urban legends. There is no benefit in putting talcum or substitute powder on a tube or in a tire.” According to Brandt, having your tube stick to the tire can keep the air in it longer when you get a flat. (I’m not sure how you can tell about that.)

    And talcum or baby powder makes a mess! It gets all over your hands and can get on everything else around where you are working.

    I have an old knee-high nylon in my repair kit. I use it to find those tiny pieces of glass in my tire that can cause another flat. Beats getting a cut finger.

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