Brake Levers and Handlebars: Dial in Your Comfort

Small tweaks here and there can make all the difference. This interactive drawing will explain all.


  1. Ken Hinman says

    First a question – what tool did you use to generate this? This is an awesome demonstration, incredible potential! You could easily use this to demonstrate the effect of changes in stem length and/or angle, frame reach, even handlebar shape in terms of cockpit fit and comfort. How about crank length and saddle height on knee angles? Frame design (esp. stack and reach) vs. intended use (mtb, recreational or racing road, ‘cross, even cruisers). In trained hands this could even be a great bike shop tool to help riders with specific on-bike discomfort analyze potential fixes vs. what they know about how they feel on the bike. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Georgena says

    Hi Ken, This was done with BikeCAD Pro. A super little tool — I use it all the time. And, yes, the next one is indeed about knee angles! Thanks for the comments!

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