Balancing motherhood – a Terry perspective.

Life with two active teenage daughters keeps my husband and me on our toes every second of the day (and on our bikes when feet aren’t enough!). Caitlin, our oldest, is a sophomore in high school and is very busy with school, XC running in the fall and lacrosse in the spring.

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Hannah, our 8th grader, will turn 14 at the end of summer. She always has a soccer ball attached to her foot and spends most days juggling, swimming and hanging out with her friends.

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The first day of summer marks the beginning of their busy summer training program. Caitlin spends her summer running 6 days a week in preparation for the demanding  XC season while Hannah eats, drinks and breathes all things soccer. Both girls enjoy mixing up their training by adding as much biking into their summer as possible. Their coaches recommend cross training so biking fits that bill.

Hannah is always on the go and bikes to a friend’s house almost every day. Caitlin enjoys adding biking to her training as it’s a great way to work other muscle groups. My husband and I hit the road every opportunity we have.

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Traveling is a big part of our summer and biking is incorporated into every trip. The girls are always game for any ride, especially when we add a few fun pit stops like ice cream, shopping and eateries along the way.

While we are on the road and visiting new places, many afternoons are spent biking alongside Caitlin while she is doing her super long runs. It’s a great way to see the countryside and keep up with our daughter.

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In addition to being a dedicated mom, Shanin Erb is a dedicated Terry staffer who juggles the many different jobs we have, just like she does at home. QC, accounting services, fulfillment and CS – she keeps us all riding in the right direction. 

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