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Chainlink Favorites
Yasmeen Schuller
New Cycling Apparel for Women

Wanderer Long-Sleeved Jersey
Terry sent The Chainlink this jersey/knicker combo and I’ve really enjoyed wearing them. Lined with Italian microfleece, the jersey is incredibly soft and feels great for a long ride in fall weather. The jersey has room to add a base layer if you need a little extra warmth on a particularly cool day. The two rear cargo pockets and center zip pocket allow you to carry everything you need for a day in the saddle (gels, keys, phone, wallet, etc). The style of the jersey also allows you to feel comfortable (and not too “bikey”) if you stop for a coffee or lunch during your ride.

While I am a big fan of black, the “beetroot” color provides better visibility which is important as the days are shorter. I’d love to see more colors in the future as it’d be nice to have a few more of these jerseys in my collection.

Breakaway Knickers ($89)
The knickers are great for a cool weather fall ride where more leg coverage is needed. Paired with some wool socks, the long-sleeved Wanderer jersey, and full-fingered gloves and you’ll be plenty warm. The chamois provides plenty of comfort and cushion for many hours of pedaling. Overall, the knickers are well-made, stylish and functional. Currently, the two color options are black and charcoal.


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