VELOJOY: Why You Need a Skort Now.

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Why You Need a Skort Now.
Susi Wunsch X July 10, 2014

This summer the world of fashion is loving the skort, and for good reason: It’s a welcome warm-weather wardrobe staple for women on the go everywhere.

Skorts for cycling refer to short skirts with a built-in or detachable stretchy pant that contains a pad (chamois). Wearers get the best of both worlds: the femininity of a skirt, and the comfort, ease of movement and modesty of a pant. I like a skort for everyday riding in the city because I can throw my leg over my top tube without worrying about panty show.

A variety of cycling and mainstream fashion brands sell skorts, but credit for popularizing this innovation goes to Terry Bicycles, the women-specific brand that brought the first cycling skort to market in 1999, having acquired a company that produced the prototypes. It immediately resonated with active women.

“We were shocked at the reaction,” says Paula Dyba, vice president of marketing, who has been with Terry for 20 years.
Terry hoped to sell a few hundred, Dyba says. But skorts were an immediate hit, so much so that in 2003 -2004, the height of the market, sales topped 12,000 annually and outpaced the company’s popular bike shorts.


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