MISADVENTURES: Gear Review: Terry Split Mitt.


  Read the full article here: Misadventuresmag.com/gear-review-terry-split-mitt Gear Review: Terry Split Mitt December 1, 2015 Winter is coming, and bicyclists everywhere are shivering in their clipless pedals. Enter the Terry Split Mitt: savior of biker fingers, Lobster Claw of warmth, Flying V of snug. The palms are nicely padded for bike glove shock absorption, the exterior […]

CHAINLINK: Favorites | New Cycling Apparel for Women.


  Read the full article here: Thechainlink.org/chainlink-favorites-new-cycling-apparel-for-women-terry-bicycles Chainlink Favorites Yasmeen Schuller New Cycling Apparel for Women Terry Wanderer Long-Sleeved Jersey ($120) Terry sent The Chainlink this jersey/knicker combo and I’ve really enjoyed wearing them. Lined with Italian microfleece, the jersey is incredibly soft and feels great for a long ride in fall weather. The jersey has […]



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TERRY TO OFFER EXTENDED COLLECTION OF SOPHISTICATED TRANSIT PIECES FOR FEMALE CYCLISTS IN 2016. Stemming from the success of their 2015 Urban Cycling Collection, Terry will introduce several new additions in 2016. “The athleisure sportswear trend continues to be a big influence on our new product design. Our customers are wearing their […]

BICYCLING: Don’t Make These Saddle-Buying Mistakes.

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  Read the full article here: Bicycling.com/dont-make-these-saddle-buying-mistakes Don’t Make These Saddle-Buying Mistakes MOLLY HURFORD X JULY 19, 2015 Choosing the best bicycle seat doesn’t have to be intimidating—or painful. Here’s how to get it right. Finding a perfect bicycle saddle is like finding your life partner: It can be a long journey and you’ll probably have […]

MISADVENTURES: Gear Review: Terry, the Original Women’s Bicycle Company.

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  Read the full article here: Misadventuresmag.com/review-terry-the-original-womens-bicycle-company Gear Review: Terry, the Original Women’s Bicycle Company. ZOE BALACONIS x MAY 13, 2015 If you’re a cyclist or want to be, you should know Terry. The company was founded in 1985 by Georgena Terry when she started hand-building bikes that actually fit women, and has been expanding and […]

WOMEN’S CYCLING.CA: Terry Cold Weather Tights.

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  Read the full article here: Womenscycling.ca/terry-cold-weather-tights Terry Cold Weather Tights Laurel-Lea Shannon X 2015 If you live close to the 49th parallel on either side of the border, chances are you experienced a colder than normal winter. Unfortunately, spring is following that same chilly trend. Here in Lanark County we still have snow. So while […]

BICYCLING: The Heavyweight Guide to Bike-Buying.

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  Read the full article here: Bicycling.com/heavyweight-guide-bike-buying The Heavyweight Guide to Bike-Buying MOLLY HURFORD X MARCH 5, 2015 From frames to tires, we look at bike parts built to last. … COMPONENTS Denizot has noticed that many of her customers rebel against the idea of a thinner saddle and prefer wider, more padded saddles. While […]

BICYCLING: How to Find the Best Plus-Size Cycling Clothing.

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  Read the full article here: Bicycling.com/womens-gear/how-find-best-plus-size-cycling-clothing How to Find the Best Plus-Size Cycling Clothing MOLLY HURFORD X JANUARY 8, 2015 Whether you’re a struggling dieter or confident in your curves, there’s perfect gear out there for you. Cycling clothing can be intimidating, no matter what size you are. The brightly colored, slim-fitting spandex has a […]